• Is your content marketing generat-ing enough high-quality leads and at a high volume?

  • Are you communicating effectively during ALL stages of the ever-lengthening sales cycle and to EVERYONE involved in the buying process?

  • Are you inspiring, educating and persuading your target audiences?

  • Is your content marketing truly customer-focused, or is it stuck in "it's-all-about-our-company" mode?

  • Does the unique "voice" of your customers play an integral role in your content marketing?

  • Are you generating perceived value in "cutting-edge" product benefits?
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B2B companies are under in-creasing pressure to produce compelling, substantive and engaging marketing content.  

They also need to help their sales force generate higher quality leads and tighten cus-tomer relationships.

Are you overwhelmed with too much to accomplish and not enough resources?
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My mission? . . . to help B2B companies generate higher quality leads, shorten sales cycles and cultivate trust
through the unique "voice" of their customers with credible, engaging and validating B2B content marketing that edu-
cates and persuades.

Your most satisfied customers can open the door to more leads and ultimately more business. 
Welcome! . . .

I'm Doug Chovan, B2B copywriter, content marketing aficionado and customer success story advocate.

I specialize in providing high-value, infor-mation-rich and educational B2B content marketing copywriting to help your company generate higher quality leads, shorten sales cycles and cultivate trust among your prospects and customers!

It's imperative that your company maintains its credibility, trust and authority in your industry. High-impact, high-value B2B content marketing can help you do just that!

Remember, you can never produce too much content for your target community. And most importantly, high-value content never, ever goes out of style!

Take a few moments to get to know me better, view my portfolio and discover what makes me different than the average B2B copywriter

Office: 330.880.0383
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Email: doug@chovanb2bcopy.com

If you have any questions, or need assistance with your next content marketing project . . . please email or call . . . we should talk!
Mission One:
Lead Generation
Understanding Your Key 
B2B Marketing Challenges:
What Clients
Are Saying . . .
“Amazing to work with. Very professional. Results were higher than expected! Highly recommended.”
Bryant Nielson
President, CapitalWave, Inc.
“Doug is the best case study writer I've worked with in a very long time (if not ever!). His interviewing skills, re-search capabilities and know-ledge of how to make a tech-nical document organized and readable is such a welcome addition to our writing team. I highly recommend him!” 
Michelle Burns-Etherton
Creative Director,
Nurture Marketing
“Doug did an absolutely brilliant job on this project [Ascendia corporate profile]. He is a true professional B2B copywriter who puts a lot of thought and effort into his writing and delivers genuine quality.” 
Raphael Keene
Owner, Marketingdux
Executive Team Partner, Ascendia
“Excellent job on multiple press releases about our new website and corporate video, a new East coast manufact-urers' representative relation-ship and our new business management team.  Doug was very responsive and provided all materials ahead of dead-line.  He was very professional in conducting interviews. Definitely recommend him to everyone!”
David Harrell
Marketing Director, TMD
Are your B2B customer advocates
just recommending your brand . . .
or are they DEFENDING it?